Record sputtered CZTSe solar cell (10.4 % on 0.5 cm2, 9.7 % on 1 cm2) Project management and dissemination of results.
Sputtering-based vacuum approach.
Annealing in H2S/H2Se atmosphere.
Extensive experience in transparent conductive oxide thin films; development of R2R ALD system Customised transparent back contact electrodes.
ALD surface treatment. Upscaling of the annealing process
Experimental confirmation of CZTS density of electronic states, band alignment at CdS/CZTS interface Electronic structure characterisation of relevant interfaces and materials.
Record printed CZTSSe solar cell (10.3 %, confirmed by FhG-ISE)

Solution-based non-vacuum approach.
Annealing in Se/S atmosphere. 

High efficiency Cd-free buffer layers (i.e In2S3, Zn(S,O,OH)) for CIGSe solar cells; plasma etching processes

Surface treatment (etching, passivation).
Cd-free buffer layer.

Development of SCAPS software for modelling and simulation of thin film solar cells

Modelling and simulation of devices.
Advanced electrical characterisation.

Sputtering tool for full production of CIGSSe solar cells; large cell technology

Upscaling of the sputtering process.
Fabrication of prototypes.



Funding: This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and innovation programme under    
 agreement  No 640868